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Neat'n Sweet Sheets

Neat'n Sweet Sheets

A clever innovation designed to help you tuck baby into bed the good old-fashioned way and keep your little one snug all night long. No more restless nights rescuing baby from kicked off, wriggled off sheets - and a comfortable peaceful baby can mean: A Neat 'n' Sweet sleep for everyone!

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

Heavily pregnant and getting a little excited, I wanted to make up the baby’s room. I purchased new American sized cot sheets for an American sized mattress.  After a lot of tugging, pulling and endless tucking I was irritated.  The sheets kept fluffing up on both sides of the cot untucking themselves.  Something wasnt right ....

About Neat n Sweet™

Easy care white Cotton sheeting.
An elegant Gingham trim adorns the fitted sheet set system. Inside the fitted sheet set system is a matching Gingham wrap to compliment the trim.

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  •  Sheeting: 95% Cotton & 5% Elastomeric fiber
  •  Gingham Trim & Wrap: 100% Cotton
  •  Lining and filling: 100% Cotton
  •  American size cot sheet set includes fitted all in one sheet set with 1x wrap
  •  To Fit an American Inner sprung sized cot mattress w690 x h1300


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the fitted sheets flick up off the bottom end of the mattress when baby is in bed?

This will happen if you have not secured the straps under the bottom of the mattress.
The straps will anchor down the sheets and prevent the baby from pushing up on the top sheet which will pull the bottom of the sheet set off the mattress.

Why are the fasteners not sticking properly?

If you wash your sheet set separately with all fasteners closed then you will not have an overload of lint stuck in the Fastners.  Washing separately will avoid lint buildup.

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