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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the fitted sheets flick up off the bottom end of the mattress when baby is in bed?
This will happen if you have not secured the straps under the bottom of the mattress.
The straps will anchor down the sheets and prevent the baby from pushing up on the top sheet which will pull the bottom of the sheet set off the mattress.

Why are the fasteners not sticking properly?
If you wash your sheet set separately with all fasteners closed then you will not have an overload of lint stuck in the Fastners.  Washing separately will avoid lint buildup.

My baby is twisting/turning in the wrap, what should I do?
You can pop a good comfortable pair of overnaps overtop of baby’s nappy.  Use two
safety pins (1 each side of wrap) to secure the wrap to the overnap.  This will stop baby from turning on their tummy.

When should I introduce Neat n Sweet Sheets?
When baby is old enough (3 months) to move into a cot.  Introduce the sheet system during day time sleeps only to allow for baby to feel comfortable sleeping in the sheets and wrap.  Once baby is happy and sleeping well, then you can move into night sleeps.

My baby is putting his legs over the top sheet?
Pull the tabs at the sides of the top sheet a little firmer (but not tight).  This will keep the top sheet close to baby’s chest without too much room to allow legs to come over the top of top sheet.

Why won’t my Neat n Sweet Sheets fit the mattress anymore?
This issue will only result if the sheets are not washed in accordance with the washing instructions provided.  The sheets must be washed separately in a warm gentle machine wash.  Line dried only (do not tumble dry).

My baby’s arms are being scratched from the zip heads?
You must always close the fastening flaps on top sheet to cover the zip heads.

When should I move the wrap down on the base sheet (what age)?
Every baby is different in size and length. 
Baby’s arms must be above the top sheet at all times, never under the top sheet.
The top sheet will come up to baby’s armpits.  If you are noticing that the sheet is sitting lower than armpits, its time to move the wrap down slightly to allow the top sheet to sit under baby’s armpits again.  Keep moving the wrap down as baby grows.

My baby keeps pulling up her blankets, how can I stop this?
You must always tuck in blankets like you normally would over the sheets.  You can safety pin the blankets onto the sheets, however you will need to check temperature of baby regularly to avoid overheating.

When shall I stop using the sheets?
Every baby is different in strength, size and weight.  If you are noticing as baby gets older that they are uncomfortable and wanting to have more independence then it’s entirely up to the carerer/parents to make this decision when to cease using the sheets.

Why have you used a cotton bag for packaging?
Neat n Sweet doesn’t like the thought of loading up our environment with plastic packaging.
The cotton bag can be used again and can break down easily. The cotton bag will still hold the sheets nicely on the shelving for baby shops. 

Can I scan the QR barcode on the packaging to get to your website?  Do you have an instructional video of how sheets work?
Yes you can scan the QR code with your smart phone or ipad and it will take you straight to our website with an instructional video.

The quilted fastening panel that holds the wrap which baby sleeps on is lumpy.  How do I stop this?
The fastenings can move during washing which will cause bumps in the panel.
Open up the panel completely and re-align the fastenings by closing to make smooth again.

Can I use the sheets on a thinner foam mattress than an inner sprung mattress?
It is advisable to use the sheets on a good quality American sized inner sprung mattress.  Foam mattresses are thinner and don’t have the weight to weigh them down in a cot.  We at Neat n SweetTM have made the sheets to fit a good quality American Inner sprung mattress 690mm x 1300mm.
Always remember to regularly air your mattress when washing the sheets.

Should I buy 1 set or 2 sets of Neat n Sweet Sheets?
1 set would be good for you and baby to try.  If you love the product, which I am sure you will, then a 2nd set would be good to have on hand when you wash the first set.