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The sheet, blanket and baby combination!

Seeing a baby tucked into bed the good old fashioned way is a sight to melt most hearts. But I know from experience that sheets, blankets - and wriggling, kicking babies - aren’t always a great combination.

Some babies spend their nights moving restlessly around the cot, becoming tangled in loose sheets and blankets; others, minutes after they have been tucked in for the night, kick everything off.

Whatever your baby’s sleeping habits, lost bed covers usually lead to
one result: a wakeful night for baby and a wakeful night for you.

Never a fan of sleeping bags and sacks - I knew there had to be another answer to this age-old problem of keeping baby cosy, warm and comfortable, and tucked comfortably into bed.

After many years of ideas and research, experiments and prototypes – and a few sleepless nights of my own –, I finally came up with Neat ‘n’ Sweet as a cot bedding solution to your baby’s restless nights.

I am convinced my sheets helped prevent my own baby from the bumps and knocks that babies can get from moving around their cot during the night, or from being tangled up in loose bedding.

Neat ‘n’ Sweet Sheets worked for my baby girl – let them work for you.

Kirsty Barry
Designer and CEO
Neat 'n' Sweet Originals Ltd